The coronavirus (Covid-19) has become a global event in a very short period of time which has affected all of us – technology and code can have a positive effect helping everyone.

Your project should address ONE of the following questions:

  • How can people protect themselves from viruses such as the coronavirus?
  • Many people around the world are staying at home. How can your project help them?
  • How has the coronavirus affected you and your community?


This year, we challenged competitors to build projects around an important theme - COVID! Hackathon teams worked hard to spread awareness on issues, model simulations, and build games . We were inspired by how teams conveyed educational messages, and thought deeply about how to represent this topic in their projects.

Needless to say, it was as difficult as ever to choose 3 winners from each category . Our judges spent hours carefully reviewing each and every individual and team submission. Each submission was evaluated using our four key grading criteria—code quality, complexity, creativity, and presentation. Even if you didn't place in this Hackathon, we highly encourage all students to continue their amazing work and compete again in our next Hackathon.

Thank you everyone, and be sure to look out for our next Hackathon! We'll be holding Hackathons throughout the year, so stay tuned for updates on our Hackathon page.

Announcing our Hackathon Winners!

We’re excited to present to you our winners for each Category below, and congratulate them for their amazing work.

Ananya Aatreya and Sidhya Ganesh

Senior Category - 9th Grade , Bellevue

Thavas Antonio ,Thaze Antonio

Senior Category - 7th and 4th grade, San Francisco

Shreya Karnati , Moksha Karuturi ,Shruthika Kandukuri

Senior Category - 9th and 12th grade, Bellevue

Neel Banga

Senior Category - 7th Grade , San Ramon

Junior Category:

Samahith Thellakal

Junior Category - 7th grade, Fremont

Achyut Balaji

Junior Category - 2nd grade, Portland

Raghav Gupta

Junior Category - 7th grade, Fremont

Sahana Mahesh

Junior Category - 3rd grade, Santa Clara

What’s great about our Hackathon?

  • Free to compete
  • 100% online - you only need a computer and internet connection!
  • Open to various ages, and levels of coding experience
  • Win prizes!

Stay tuned for our next Hackathon, and register early to be the first to know our project prompts.