JavaScript Game

JavaScript Game

Guess the Secret Number is a JavaScript based game, from a series of games, designed to learn JavaScript through projects.

Game objective:

  • Guess the secret number between 1 - 100, randomly generated by the computer
  • User gets 5 tries to enter the correct number
  • Computer will display an appropriate message, depending on whether the secret number is greater or less then the number you have entered.
  • A difference of 5 numbers or less, will display the message: "You are so close!!!
  • The list of previous numbers entered is displayed at bottom of the screen
  • Hint: Always start with the midpoint of your range


Topics covered:

  • HTML 5 (Introduction)
  • CSS 3 (Introduction)
  • JavaScript
  • DOM manipulation
  • Programming concepts using JavaScript

The program takes 3-4 months to complete

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