Do you Dream to work, travel or study in Japan? Learning Japanese language is your first step.

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Why Japanese

Japan has 3rd largest economy in the world.
(Japan boosts one of the most diverse economy in Asia)

Learning Japanese can advance your professional career

With Japan’s influential position in global business, knowledge of Japanese can provide wealth of opportunities.

Studying Japanese opens door to new culture.

Understanding Japanese will allow you to access the rich culture and customs of Japan. It will also allow you to explore diverse culture and gain new perspectives.

Learning Japanese is easier than you think

Although the writing system is different, it is relatively simple to learn Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji characters. Japanese grammar is also easier to learn (there is no gender, no plural forms)

10 Reasions To Learn Japanese

College admissions officers consistently say they look for students who challenge
themselves and stand out from the crowd, and Japanese does that.

Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world

Japanese inventions are world famous

125,000,000 people speak Japanese

Japanese-speakers are the Internet's 4th largest language group

A lot of cool stuff comes from Japan

Japanese is a gateway to other Asian lanhuage and cultures

Knowing Japanese will make you stand out from the crowd

It could help you get better career

You can meet Japanese all over the world when you travel

It's easier than
you think

Course Overview

Learn Japanese Program focuses on preparing candidates to work, study or travel to Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun offers a plethora of opportunities for foreign nationals to work or study in Japan.

Our Japanese language course includes fundamental Japanese language training up to the level of JLPT N5, N4, or N3, as well as giving them insights into fascinating cultures and rich heritage of Japan and its people through lessons on their lifestyle, life manners, business Manner, and learn about the knowledge and cautions to take regarding the Japanese worksite and orientations.

Studying Japanese language becomes fun when it is accompanied by activities done by both Indian and native Japanese teachers like calligraphy, origami, chopsticks activities, role plays, movies, etc. The program also prepares our students for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and NAT tests, which are conducted twice a year and 6 times a year respectively.

Learning Japanese will open more doors for you professionally and personally. As Japan has been facing a chronic labor shortage for a while now, the Japanese government has always been looking for foreign talents to fill the employment gaps. So, if you have ever dreamt of studying or working in Japan, this course is the key.

By holding a certificate in N5 or N4, you will be able to opt for careers in industries such as Automobile, Food Processing, Large Scale Farming, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.

An N3 certificate holder can enjoy some of the best posts in the IT sector such as ASP.Net Developer, Java Developer, IT Help Desk, IT Programmer, SE, Test Engineer, Manager, Character Modeler, Designer_3D_Effects, Mechanical Design & Development or Linux Developer, among many others.

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For American learners of Japanese, the JLPT offers a way to test your language skills and evidence of achievement that is comparable with other Japanese learners around the country and the world.

The JLPT was developed to measure the proficiency level of non-native learners of Japanese. It is used by some companies and schools (especially schools in Japan) to determine an individual’s Japanese language ability. No credits or scholarships are given to those who pass the test.

There are no restrictions on who can take the test. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to take the JLPT. Test-takers do need to understand and be able to follow instructions that will be given by a proctor in English.

You can register for any level you wish. You do not have to have taken or passed lower levels of the JLPT in order to take higher levels of the test.

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