Empower Your Child With Online Coding Class for K-12th Grade.

At Young Gates, we connect your child with acclaimed instructors for personalized 1:1 online classes in STEM subjects including Coding , Math , English and beyond.

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Student Feedback

I really like how there’s different courses that you can learn with and how there are contests like the Summer Code Jam that you can win cool prizes.


Why do I like to code? It’s just fun! It’s fun to create your own games – you get to look at all these other games, it’s really fun. It’s exciting to know that you can create your own game.


My skills have really improved!...I also like coding because it serves as a fun way to learn math, which is one of my least favorite subjects.


My teacher and I are coding a new space simulator comparing the gravities of black holes to Mars.


The thing about Tynker is that there are so many ways you can channel your creativity into code, so many different types of projects, and the code is clean and easy to understand.


You are learning and you're having fun at the same time. And it's almost like you are playing a game.


What I'm doing with block coding, HTML and mobile apps is I'm actually making publishable apps which is really cool!


Learning coding is like learning a new language. If you get the right teacher, you can learn it very easily.



Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are. -Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post

Whether your child is aiming to learn the fundamentals of coding or to become an expert programmer, the benefits of logical reasoning, step-by-step factual analysis, and critical thinking will provide a strong foundation to lean on at school or in the workplace, for life.


You decide when you want to do sessions and how often. Your teacher will customize your session content based on your learning requests.

Student Portal

Students will receive reminders for classes and have access to their class recordings, notes, books, and also be able to interact with instructors through their personal dashboard.

Experienced Teachers

Taught by professionals with years of experience in the related industry.

Individualized Approach

We recognize that each child learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace.

HOW YoungGates WORKS

Solving critical and complex global problems with the help of quality education.


Select a course, then enter your child's information and availability.

Young Gates arranges courses according to your availability, and we'll match your child with an excellent teacher using all the information you give about your preferences .


We'll reach you to schedule your 1st class

Every teacher is a professional from various companies. Your teacher will work with your child to tailor lessons and accommodate their pace as they progress through our program.


Student’s get personalized portal.

You can use the Young Gates dashboard for logging in , watch your past class recordings , notes and interaction with instructors. We take care of all the details so your child can concentrate on learning.

Meet Our Team

Our classes are conducted by experienced and passionate professional teachers possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, are aimed at helping children to formalize and extend their coding / math knowledge and skills and to get ready for High School and beyond.


Software Engineer


Business Analyst


Data Analyst


Cyber Security

Teaching Approach!

At YoungGates, we approach teaching with a mission to inspire and empower young minds. Our teaching philosophy combines the joy of learning with hands-on experiences, personalization, and collaborative learning. We believe in the power of coding as a tool for problem-solving and creativity, and our instructors provide continuous feedback and support to nurture every student's unique potential.

Through practical projects, real-world relevance, and a fun, engaging atmosphere, we aim to cultivate not only coding skills but also a lifelong love for learning and innovation in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Pricing

Join our Juni community to take your child’s learning to the next level.

By working 1:1 with our instructors in hands-on math and coding classes, your child will expand their curiosity and unlock new passions.

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$599 / 12 Class Package

(includes 12 class book with assignments)

$199 / Monthly Subscription (4 Classes)

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Interactive Live Classes
  • Video Recordings of Every Class
  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers
  • Hands-on, Project Based Learning
  • Online Support
  • Personalized based on Student requirement.
  • Duration 1 hr - 1:1 classes

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We prepare kids for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code.

Our unique approach combines the benefits of teacher-led instruction and the ease and convenience of online classrooms.

Our developmental curriculum is based on hands-on learning where each student will have their own personal website that they build out and share as they learn coding.

Students are Unique

No two students are alike. Because of this, our curriculum offers kids options and opportunities to express their uniqueness.

Hands on Learning

Our courses are inquiry- and project-based. Our curriculum is created to give students control over their learning so they can learn by doing.

Various Options

We provide children with a range of opportunities to develop and explore in one location, including tutoring, enrichment classes, holiday camps, college prep, and internships in addition to coding.

Learning Is Experiential

Every one of our programs is project-, requirement-, and interactive. Students study a variety of subjects and then apply them to see the outcome.